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Home Improvement Services

Home Improvement Done Right

In-Home Measurements

When you need In-Home Measurements, call Polo Floors, Inc. to provide highly rated professional service providers to get the job done right. We offer free estimates for all your projects to be installed within a 10-mile radius from our showroom. For estimates from 11 miles on, will only charge $50 and if decide to get the material with installation, we will credit towards project. If want us to measure for material only, we only charge $50.00. Give us a call at (407) 988-3361 and we can make an appointment at your convenience.  With Polo Floors, Inc. on board, your project will remain on target and within budget.

Measuring Tape

Sell & Install the Following:

Polo Floors, Inc., has a screened team experienced in Flooring, Backsplash, Countertops, Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels, Custom Made Cabinets, Pavers, Quarter Rounds, Shoe Moldings and Base Boards, installation. We’re here to take the burden off of your shoulders and make sure it’s done professionally and affordably. Our work is backed by an attractive labor warranty. Contact us and find out how we can help you.

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Exterior/Interior Paint

The professional team at Polo Palm Paint, LLC., specializes in residential and commercial painting. Our team is experienced in guiding you through the process and standing behind our work that is expertly and diligently performed. We’re not satisfied until you are! Contact us for more details.

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